Tenika Francis is the Founder of the Millennial Kings Mindset, a mindset management company the inspires entrepreneurial women.  She teaches millennial, entrepreneurial single mothers how to live their highest versions.

She believes that anything in the world can be achieved through mastering the mind.  Due to her overcoming the struggles of growing up in a single parent, low income household, Tenika is certain that her life is ruled by a divine force of nature.  It is her responsibility to heighten the awareness of women who seek answers and aspire to connect with their higher selves. She believes we are all connected to higher consciousness and have the will power to create our own reality.

Tenika welcomes you to the Millennial King Tribe for unlimited access to her personal development, out of the box, and business idea provoking content Tribe Library.


In high school, she was chosen from the vice principle to join a group titled “Girl Talk” where she first had exposure to the meaning of self-awareness and relationships.  Instead of leaving school, she took an extra year of high school to discover what career path she wanted to pursue. She immediately found a passion for the law because she was drawn to the discipline the industry bared. She also developed a passion for real estate. 

Tenika’s initial exposure to the real estate leasing industry seemed as if law and real estate made a partnership. Coming to work was never a chore because, the industry provided the purpose that served her fully. After working tirelessly for 3 years, in an out of contract jobs, she was able to grown a skin in a highly competitive corporate industry. 

Today, Tenika is working on creative ways to provide value in the lives of women who believe in self development. She believes that everyone was born with a purpose and is here to lead you on a path of becoming. In 2016 she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. As a mother, she is even more motivated to demonstrate expansion in every aspect of her life and the world community.


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